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WEBB Middle East Partner in SME conference and Arab World 20 May 2014 - University Paris-Dauphine ,France.

Start Date : 5/20/2014

End Date : 5/20/2014

Conference;SME & Arab World... "PME et Monde Arabe" 20 Mai 2014 à Université Paris-Dauphine

Mrs.Rim Siam, Chairman of WEBB International Middle East was One of the Guest speakers in the conference : " PME et Monde Arabe = SME and Arab World ". www.conference20mai.com
The event was under the patronage of "Sheikha Bodour Bint Sultan Al Qasimi ". It was a lively Roundtable discussions at the University "PARIS-DAUPHINE", 20 May 2014 , Paris ,Organized by:
Arab Business Leaders - La Chambre de Commerce Franco-Arabe - IPEMED - L’Université "Paris-Dauphine"
Through this roundtable meeting which was surrounded by more then 300 CEO from French and Mena region companies, Speakers exchanged their own visions for the future, discussed what problems and challenges they need to address within and beyond their businesses .They shared the globally competitive and prosperous future of social entrepreneurship and SMEs development issues.They established and strengthened networks between their organizations in different countries. Also they initiated opportunities for collaboration among them. Furthermore, the Roundtable discussed the region's economic progress as well as its future challenges .
"Rim Siam" expressed her thanks to the organizers for inviting her as Egyptian female named by SENSES the "Arabian Entrepreneur for 2013" to the Conference " PME et Monde Arab " at the University Paris-Dauphine.
She focused on the future of the new regimes emerging after all the transformations in the Arab Mediterranean " Arab Springs", the challenges and opportunities of social entrepreneurship in the Middle East specially in Egypt , and the importance of engaging female and young entrepreneurs in the development and providing them with facilities to use their creativities, and time to develop startup companies that will provide them economic and social growth. Also she explained the Initiative of WEBB Middle East with UNIDO-ITPO Bahrain to " Empower 20000 Women and Youth by 2020 " .
Le 20 Mai 2014 , le club d’affaires Arab Business Leaders, l’université Paris-Dauphine, IPEMED et la Chambre de Commerce Franco-Arabe co-organisent une conférence sur le thème :« Le Monde Arabe : levier de croissance pour les PME ».Des Experts Arabes et Europeens du monde d'affaires et de la politique viendront debattre et apporter leur analyse pour repondre a 2 problematiques majeures:"Comment assister les PME dans leur stategie d'expansion a l'international et comment encourager les investisseurs arabes a s'interesser au financement des PME/TPE?"
Plus que 300 Chefs d'entreprises sont attendus. http://www.conference20mai.com/#!intervenants/cfvg
Sujet réaliser par Canalnaf TV http://youtu.be/kCg6bQqFTgg

Mrs.Rim Siam - Chairman of WEBB Middle East was one of the " Intervenants" http://www.conference20mai.com/#!intervenants/cfvg

"PME et Monde Arabe"............ "Small/Medium Entreprises & Arab Countries" http://createsend.com/t/d-333A78CEFC6FB2E3

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