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    If you're an aspiring female entrepreneur looking for a way to break into business online ,Franchise opportunities or business services ,This site is for you!
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    WE are adopting the Women's Empowerment Principle 5 : Implement enterprise development, supply chain and marketing practices that empower women
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    WEPs (UN Women & UN Global Compact )
    WEBB Middle East became a signatory of the women's empowerment principales (WEPs) to empower women in the workplace, marketplace and community www.weprinciples.org
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    " Women's Business Enterprise Market "
    The first online platform that connects female entrepreneurs into economic force for change.
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    Empowering Women
    We put into action principle 5 of WEP's; Implement enterprise development, supply chain and marketing practices that empower women

Summary ......... : On April 29th, 2013, WEBB International Middle East in association with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization UNIDO-ITPO Bahrain , and WEBB International , convened approximately 160 businessmen & businesswomen to discuss the theme; “COLLECTIVE ACTION – MAKING A DIFFERENCE” April 29th, 2013 - Hotel Burj Al Arab – Dubai, UAE ............. In this closed door session, this prestigious group of speakers focused on the actions they are taking to multiply their efforts in Building Business & Bridging Culture between the Middle East, Africa and the Western countries. The program began with ; A welcome speech from Rim Siam Chairman of WEBB International Middle East. - TV Presenter.Parween Habib moderated the panel discussion,in which ; H.E Sheikh Sultan Khaled Al-Qassimi, Chairman of Gulf Holdings - Dr.Hashim Hussein ; Head of United Nations Industrial Development Organization-, Investment & Technology Promotion Office (UNIDO-ITPO) & Director of the Arab Regional Centre for Entrepreneurship and Investment Training (ARCEIT) , Bahrain - Dr.Riffat Hassan ,Professor Emerita, University of Louisville, USA; Pioneer of Islamic theology of women’s rights, also of interreligious dialogue; Initiator of peace-building between Muslims and Americans - MP.Safa AlHashem ,Comptroller and Member of Parliament – Kuwait - Founder and CMD of Advantage Consulting - Mrs. Farida Al Awadhi , Founder of Cinmar Design – Dubai ,President of APID (Association of Professional Interior Designers),Vice president of Emirates Business Women - Sam Bouji , Chairman and Founding Member Canada-Arabic Chamber of Commerce ,Chairman and CEO, Global Group of Companies ..................... Speakers discussed “Top Actions for Bridge Building between the Middle East and the Western countries ”, a set of concrete steps that were introduced at the conference to help leading businesswomen & men make societal engagement a priority within their companies and organizations. The event closed with the presentation of an excellence award to the founders of WEBB International & president of WEBB Canada And honored the Speakers & Sponsors ........................ Key points: • WEBB International Middle East announced : WEBB Megastore : The first online market in the Middle East & around the world that links companies owned by women or running by them ......... www.webb-middleeast.com ........ WEBB Business Center : Secretariat and Skype translation online that help perform the business activities . This services will be available online for 24 hours, through our worldwide representative. WEBB International Middle East will offer an online secretary that fulfills all business needs including writing documents, scheduling tasks, setting up meetings, . This will not only make the job easier, but also will help in alleviating the problem of women’s and youth unemployment….www.webb-middleeast.org • Speakers resoundingly agreed that there was a need for collaboration with so many organization sharing a stake in pressing societal issues such as Education and Empowerment for development. • Supporting Women to take their place in the employment : Educating and providing technical training to women in ways that allow them to enter the employment market with reasonable income and advancement. • WEBB International Middle East and The Hot Mommas project (www.hotmommasproject.org) out of the George Washington University School of Business DC, look forward to the possibility of Educational opportunities https://vimeo.com/65011553 • Arab Business Leaders and WEBB International Middle East signed a Memorandum Of Understanding to collaborate on women empowerment initiatives in the Arab World on May 11 th, 2013. • WEBB International Middle East in association with the Arab Regional Centre for Entrepreneurship and investment training, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO-ITPO, Bahrain) & The General Union of Chambers of Commerce Industry and Agriculture for Arab Countries announced Initiative : “ 20000 by 2020 ” “Empowering 20000 Women & Youth by 2020 through 200 leaders in Arab & African Countries” The purpose of the TOT Program is capacity building to gain quality management knowledge and expertise. PROCESS • 200 Leaders /organizations from Arab & African countries will be selected to support 100 women and youth in their countries to reach 20000 Experts by 2020 who will intern develop the entrepreneurs in their respective countries. • Training of Trainers (TOT) program for New Enterprise Creation, will be Organized by the UNIDO &The Arab Regional Center for Entrepreneurship and Investment Training (ARCEIT) in Bahrain for a team of 100 experts from each country who will intern develop the entrepreneurs (Youth and Women) in their respective countries. • The entrepreneurs development programs will be in the respective country and is to be conducted by the participants and monitored by UNIDO-ITPO , Bahrain. • The training sessions can be in Bahrain or it can be in other country ................................. Special Thanks to the sponsors of our event : Mrs. Louise Kissane ; Original WEBB International founders & Mark Itwaru founder /CEO of Miiscan CO. & SAM Bouji founder / CEO of Global group of companies and chairman of Canada-Arabic Chamber of Commerce & Rim Siam ,Antiques&Persian Carpets
History of WEBB ........ THE BIRTH OF AN IDEA
The idea for WEBB germinated in Milan , Italy in, 2001. Several European businesswomen recognized the need for a women led initiative committed to promote reasoned global dialogue with engagement and education playing the vital role toward creating long term peace and prosperity. These women were deeply affected by the polarization created by world events. They spent many late nights exploring the impact of global dynamics and decided that they wanted to make a difference. The women agreed to work toward creating a European-based women's network that would be emulated around the world through the creation of centers of excellence. These centers would include academics, innovators, intellectuals, business people and other like-minded individuals and organizations to implement projects in a collaborative environment. WEBB would focus on issues related to women in leadership, equality, diversity, compassion, respect, empowerment and best international practices. This is how the idea of an international network of women engaged in bridge-building both in the Western and in Eastern countries was born. It took some time before a suitable name was agreed upon for this network. The next task was to create a solid infrastructure. The women who contributed to the birth of WEBB remain steadfast supporters of the organization. We acknowledge the founding women of WEBB: - Dr. Riffat Hassan - Ms. Louise Kissane -.Nancy Fina - Laure Capelle . We acknowledge the president of WEBB Canada Mrs.Nazreen Ali
Welcome Message from Mrs.Louise Kissane - Original Founder of "WEBB International" .
Milan, Italy April, 2013 It is with great pleasure that I have the honour to welcome all the participants to our first ever WEBB Middle East event. I hope you will find it a stimulating experience and will get inspiration to promote whatever your business ambitions drive you to achieve. WEBB - Women Engaging in Bridge Building - was born out of the need to overcome the enormous religious and cultural pressures which so many women in the world are under that make them unable to realise their full potential. This applies universally to all religions and cultures. Our founder, Dr Riffat Hassan, a Pakistani-American theologian and Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, was an inspiration to the rest of us, as she has worked tirelessly to teach women the importance of self fulfilment and being empowered to achieve their goals, both in business and in their private lives. WEBB was born literally out of the ashes of 9/11 when it seemed the world suddenly turned upside down. It was a wake-up call for anyone wanting to improve the human condition. WEBB started in Milan, Italy, in 2001 as a movement for social justice. In 2003 the first organisation called WEBB-CANADA was founded by the initiators of WEBB. So it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the launch of this the second organisation – WEBB Middle East. I am proud to be a sponsor of this event and I wish you every success in your endeavours. Louise Kissane. .
WEBB Middle East supporting women as leaders | Global Media Post
As renowned lateral thinkers and multitaskers – women make the best entrepreneurs – a fact well known and generally accepted though not promoted in male-dominated societies. Consequently, building on this important understanding, is the need to build bridges of human understanding for woman of all cultures and faiths in order to break cultural barriers, stereotypes and prejudices to create a culture of knowledge, dialogue, empowerment, respect and peace, The concept of WEBB (Women Engaging in Bridge Building) emerged in Milan Italy, in 2001 and is credited to Mrs Louise Kissane, Dr Riffat Hassan a Pakistani-American theologian-Professor at the University of Louisville, Nancy Fina and several European businesswomen. This women’s group’s ground-breaking efforts were built upon in Canada some two-years later when Ms Nazreen Ali Established WEBB Canada as a leading women-led NGO organisation and dedicated to providing opportunities for the exchange, support and sharing of information between people from different cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Another milestone in the emergence of WEBB as an global entity was, in 2010, when Mrs Rim Siam became the WEBB Middle East representative. In 2012, Rim established WEBB International Middle East in order to create the very first online platform to connect female entrepreneurs across all sectors through the building of business bridges. To this end, Rim said; ‘WEBB Middle East does not merely have an online presence; it also will soon have an offline presence in various international countries. Though its power will first be gained from its website and associated online community’. Consequently, WEBB International Middle East’s mission is that WEBB will soon have representative offices in a number of different countries to serve in building professional and commercial bridges for women. Building Online Women’s Enterprises: www.webb-middleeast.com Mrs Rim Siam speaking at the launch of WEBB Middle East in Dubai Rim’s business model is to promote the internet-based brand WEBB Megastore as a women’s enterprise spanning various sectors including trading, fashion, tourism, media, real estate, home décor, agriculture etc in the expectation that the WEBB Megastore will be recognised as a leader in the promotion, marketing and sale of its products through its online retail marketplace. Creating an online services “WEBB Business Center”: www.webb-middleeast.org This will, for the first time, offer the services of online translators who can help in translating business and medical written communications to overcome language barriers between women of various cultural backgrounds. Rim’s next plan will be to transform the online WEBB Megastore into mortar and bricks like such famous up-market brand name stores as Gallery Lafayette in France, Harrods in England, and Macy’s in the United States. Women’s international empowerment also will come through providing online education sessions through WEBB International Middle East in association with the hotmommasproject.org from the George Washington School of Business, which will provide online Business Educational sessions to fill educational gaps and increase self-confidence in teenage girls and women globally http://vimeo.com/65011553 With the aim of providing suitable education of women and female youth through training sessions so they may become future leaders and successful entrepreneurs, WEBB Middle East in association with UNIDO-ITPO Bahrain, recently announced the following initiatives; Empowering 20000 Women & Youth by 2020 through 200 leaders in Arab and African Countries and Entrepreneurship Training of Trainers (TO) for New Enterprise Creation in order to provide employment and income generating opportunities for all women. Therefore, WEBB International Middle East is seeking the cooperation and financial support of companies and organisations in promoting its goal of Building Business and Bridging Culture to cement its vision to increase all women and female youth’s capacity to ‘understand, appreciate and value their differences as well as their similarities’. Rim added that aspiring female entrepreneurs who are looking for a way to break into business online there are franchise opportunities or they can use WEBB Middle East’s online business services. ‘We are going beyond what we need to do for our own success, by using the internet as a springboard to women’s economic participation and learn how to bring success to other young female entrepreneurs and future leaders… To prove it, we’ll activate a free online store for all new members to be used until November 10, 2014. So Don’t miss it! Go online, join us by trying our megastore and our online business services built for you’: www.webb-middleeast.com or www webb-middleeast.org
The Facts On Criteria Of Female Entrepreneurs
If you're looking for the best easy and inexpensive way to promote your business, you should look into article marketing. Articles are, hands down, one of the strongest low-cost marketing tools out there. Partly because they allow share your expertise with lots folks and give them a taste of the you do.And partly because articles are super-versatile. If your are performing not possess a good associated with discipline, becoming your own boss may a bad idea. You could possibly be one particular those that need for you to become pushed to obtain anything worked tirelessly on. When you donrrrt home business entrepreneur, an individual will look over your shoulder. Totally . have to adhere to USA businesswoman - http://www.webb-middleeast.com set your own schedules come up with your own rules and when it doesnt work out, you may have no someone to blame but yourself. It's in order to take serious consideration at choices and eating habits study working from your own home. Consider these 10 tips when make a transition with the present career into home based. I realize that anything worthwhile existence must be nurtured and grown. This is applicable to friendships, business ventures, romantic relationships, and family relationships. Record is perpetual. This is the reason why you must discover your purpose in starting your small. If needed know an individual are small business how is it possible to nurture it and make it grow? Around mid-day a friend calls to ask you for supper. After a two-hour friendly gab session over a delicious meal, you go back home and just go work to hour or two against your latest e-book. My admiration of Ray Higdon is strong. Store single time you in order to the guy you will quickly out something you'll be capable to apply with your business and achieve outcomes. No hype with BS, he gives it to you straight over the heart with total sincerity and good intentions. Have a plain plan. The smartest move that undertake it ! make can be always to carefully pre-plan an effective career-change methodology. This should include an elaborate action plan that takes into consideration finances, research, education, and training. Bear in mind that an effective career change can take several months or longer to accomplish, so patience is crucial. Your business coaches ought to willing assist you to outline a 3-year plan with prior in neural. Another tip I've heard that bears repeating would be best routine for you is make certain you really do. Content articles hate jogging, find an alternative way to enhance your heart judge. Take a dance class, appealing boot-camp in the club. Ride a cycling. Swim. If you look to it every day, you'll do out. And consistency is key. http://www.whitetailobituaries.com/content/facts-criteria-female-entrepreneurs Submitted by rachellescanlan on Thu, 09/11/2014 - 07:40
Straightforward Advice Of Female Entrepreneurs - The Best Routes
A question is actually why often asked, effectively good one, I suppose, is tend to be the necessary steps to become a huge success that normal, people can take? I'm going to be commenting inside subject through a set of articles is going to also address the actions to better your odds of at millionaire . Step 1? Tune your Millionaire Mindset! In work from home business, extremely unique. Marketing ebay is: lucrative, low risk, and rapidly if you your mind and dedication towards it also. Again, this business is for everyone, wherever you live, you performing it and gain huge success utilizing again with dedication and hardwork. This is simply not another "get rich quick opportunity". Wealth education is quite hard to obtain because with the simple idea it is one area learned mainly on your individual. It is learned through "trial and error". Having a chance. Nevertheless the best suggestion I can that Used to was practice a successful character. A successful person that is all of the career field of your interest and request them these details is all did being successful and easily copy the entire group. Have them be like a "coach" or a "mentor". Someone you appear up to for positive advice. The major acceleration to achievements! Generating wealth to me is much like unique art that few have. It requires strategy, dedication, hard work, and sense of female leadership - http://www.webb-middleeast.com just a little genius. Remember, its not where having the race, but the finish. If are generally truly an entreprenuer, a person find that have resources, and make use of the resources from a certain strategy to create advantage. That's why you call yourself it. It's a person to take responsibility for individuals and determine out our true purpose and instead, what we absolutely in order to do. Can be an incredible surge of entreprenuers now because a lot of people consider their lives into incredibly hands. These figuring the actual gifts include to offer world and also becoming out generally. The intern et gives most of us the same advantages of figuring out how attain your ideal people around the globe. It end up being an angry tenant, and even the passenger automobile that you ran towards. It could be your spouse possibly disgruntled staff members. It could be any one to a thousand reasons that people can sue you (there are associated with lawsuits each year). They widespread connected via audio as John & Samantha follow Wayne to his anniversary party. Wayne said he previously had nothing to hide, but as it collage of his marriage plays. Ben has seen cheating on his wife with another expecting woman. She slaps him across the face & leaves the have a party. Someone is stalking Walter by gathering his information from the online world. It is obvious that you are able to the seller's feedback on Ebay before making any enthusiasm. See what other customers require to say in connection with service. You wish to make sure you're along with someone that's reputable. Fórum: Kniha návštev,
Creating a large change ever
A new beginning almost all that you ought to. If your dream is in the form of boss of one’s own, go for among the list of effective online home ideas that deliver the results its far for your benefit. Yes, you can earn money as almost as In...ternational businesswomen much as you intend. Certainly you’ve heard about online home ideas along with the successful the general public have been with the venture. You’ll be among these guys. If you only know what to try to to you will create a large change ever. http://youtu.be/wQS6XThTQZw
WEBB Middle East:"An Egyptian Feminist Movement into Global Digital Action"
Introduction: Rim believes that woman in business has the power within her and around her.This power might be enough to drive her to reach success and achieve her dreams. In Middle Eastern communities the participation of women in the economy is weakest among all women in the world. For years, women were marginalized and not given decision-making positions,as tradition dictated that men were better able and suited to make rational business decisions. Often times,neither father,nor brother,or husband allowed them to work in public career,or to launch businesses that involve communicating with public. But Today, with more and better opportunities of Education & Communication,as well as more frequent contacts between East and West through Internet & Media, the Middle Eastern women are looking sustaining and raising over career challenges,they are looking for equality between genders. Rim's mind never seemed to stop. As Egyptian business woman for more then 22 years and also as a mentor, She realized it wasn't all just about the achievement of her personal dreams,it was also playing an important role in connecting female entrepreneurs and business owners and professionals across borders specially those who their businesses were affected by the Arab springs. She wanted to take action and support businesses that enhance women’s marketable skills to increase the value of women-owned businesses,to expand women’s participation in the region’s economy,to help them to become and be seen as engines for economic growth and to build a rising pulse of women’s empowerment across the globe. Women’s economic empowerment is a global issue that has a particular resonance in the Arab world. Women represent just less than 1 in 7 of the 5,887 firms in 10 MENA countries. Businesswomen in the Middle East face many challenges: gaining access to capital to start and grow businesses, opening new markets, building strong brands and loyal customers, gaining the skills and experience to capitalize on opportunity, leveraging technology and recruiting and maintaining talent. Without doubt getting an online start-up business would be both cost-efficient and easier for women specially with family commitments.It will helps them to increase their visibilities,to strengthen their brands,to create competitive advantages and to open up opportunities for their businesses to attract new customers for both local and global markets. Professional challenge : "Taking Action" In December 2012, Rim established WEBB International Middle East with the vision to Pool all Women & Youth Skills around the globe under one roof at one place....Working Together Across Sectors ... Building Business and Bridging Culture . What WEBB Stand for ? Women Engaging in Bridge Building WEBB History : It started as a movement : The Birth of the idea of WEBB was in Milan,Italy in 2001. Dr.Riffat Hassan a Pakistani-American theologian-Professor at the University of Louisville, Mrs.Louise Kissane- businesswoman, Nancy Fina - professional photographer, Laure capelle and Several European businesswomen were united in 2001 in Italy by a common commitment to build bridges of human understanding with people of all cultures and faiths and break cultural barriers, stereotypes and prejudices in order to create a culture of knowledge, dialogue, empowerment, respect and peace. In 2003, Ms.Nazreen Ali Established WEBB Canada ,as a women-led organization ( NGO )dedicated to providing opportunities for exchange, support and sharing of information between people from different cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. In 2010, Mrs.Rim Siam became WEBB Representative in the Middle East. In 2012, Mrs.Rim Siam Established WEBB International Middle East to create an ONLINE Platform that connects FEMALE entrepreneurs and business people across sectors together through building business bridges. Rim said; "WEBB International Middle East will not merely have online presence;It will also have offline presence in different countries. However,its power will be first gained from its website and online community. It will have representative offices in different countries to serve in building professional & commercial bridges.WEBB International middle East is revolutionary in its simplicity as well as its depth." WEBB International Middle East.Ltd mission's; -Building Online Women's Enterprises: www.webb-middleeast.com An internet based brand “ WEBB Megastore “ That women’s enterprise across different sectors( Trading,fashion,tourism,real estate,home décor,agriculture ..etc ) will be recognized as a leader in the promotion,marketing and sale of its products in the online retail marketplace. -Creating an online services “WEBB Business Center”: www.webb-middleeast.org Providing for the first time online Skype Translators who can help in translating Business and Medical online communications. Providing online Secretaries who can fullfil businessmen/women's work. -Transforming it's online"WEBB Megastore"into an offline brand name store( like gallery Lafayette,harrods,Macy's..etc ). -Providing Online Education Sessions:WEBB International Middle East in association with the Hotmommasproject.org out of the George Washington school of business will provide Online Business Educational sessions to fill the gap and increase self confidence in girls & women globally. http://vimeo.com/65011553 -Empowering women and Youth through training sessions to become leaders and successful entrepreneurs:WEBB Middle East in association with UNIDO-ITPO Bahrain announced Initiative; “Empowering 20000 Women & Youth by 2020 through 200 leaders in Arab & African Countries : Entrepreneurship Training of Trainers (T.O.T) for New Enterprise Creation in order to provide employment and income generating opportunities .“Having a new, valuable and practical idea with a creative mind does NOT lead to entrepreneurial behavior.In addition to those,a step by step process should be trained by an expert entrepreneurship trainers in order to easily, effectively and quickly bring the ideas to economic and/or social value.”The purpose of the TOT Program is capacity building to gain quality management knowledge and expertise." WEBB International Middle East is Seeking full cooperation of esteemed companies and organizations in supporting its goal to Building Business and Bridging Culture and to cement its vision to increase women and youth’s capacity to understand, appreciate and value their differences as well as their similarities. This story was written for World Pulse’s Women Weave the Web Digital Action Campaign. Learn more » http://worldpulse.com/node/83639
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